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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Zombie Paintings

I created a series of paintings inspired by the film Turnagain Armageddon, a local production that chronicles the tale of a lone survivor during the zombie apocalypse.

I was overwhelmed by the interest and positive feedback I got from this series. In fact, the art went so quickly I was unable to properly document it.

There were nine altogether. One of the paintings was used in the promotional poster and went to Gator, the film's creator. The rest are scattered out to the cast of the movie and the cult-like zombie-loving masses.

Here is a look at the last remaining piece ("Man-Eater") and another that I happened to photograph before it sold:

"Man-Eater" or "Headshot #1"
"Man-Eater" or "Headshot #1"
"Headshot #2"