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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Turnagain Armageddon | Movie Poster

"A fever spreads across the land."

Recently, John O'Leary, a.k.a. Gator from the Grind, approached me about helping him with the promotion of his independent film, Turnagain Armageddon. The movie tells the story of a lone survivor of the zombie apocalypse. I was excited and eager to take on the task.

This project presented me with the opportunity to get really creative, and I seized it. To start things off, Gator and I went out on a shoot together – the 12-guage and 357 variety. It was a blast, literally. We shot the zombie snot out of some stuff!

I took what was left of the peppered plywood panels – my preferred canvas – home to the art studio and got to work creating some images inspired by the film. What followed was an exploration into the dark and chaotic recesses of my imagination...and I think I like it.

Turnagain Armageddon | Movie Poster
Turnagain Armageddon | Movie Poster